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Annually, 9 million people, 3 million of whom are children under 5 years old, die of preventable starvation.

That's equal to the population of New York City starving to death every year!

All this, while we bin one third of all the food we grow.

We produce more than enough food. The fact that one out of every nine people are denied access to it, is violence!

Housing is a human need. Permanent housing represents safety, privacy and security.

For every one homeless in the USA there are six empty homes, kept empty on purpose to inflate the market value of housing.

At best, the state is complicit in this violence. At worst, it perpetuates it to maintain the balance of power.

Say you stop paying your rent or mortgage. the state will intervene with force to evict you.

If you default on a bill and cannot afford the fees to declare bankruptcy? the state can imprison you for being poor.

Any situation like this has the same result: the system has one tool in its box, the use of violent force to exact punishment.

Existential threats like hunger, homelessness, injury and illness are the greatest risk to our health globally.

Most of us will be killed by this stress, in the form of all the diseases and disorders created by this system.

You are twice as likely to take your own life as you are to be attacked by somebody else.

While workplace accidents are the third most common cause of death in America.

Structural violence threatens you and those you love every day. There is nothing nautal or inevitable about this system. We can do better. We have to!

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